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What we do

We provide fully autonomous jet travel on your private jet.

At JET360,  we make your private aviation experience seamless and fun. We have decades of combined experience in aircraft acquisitions, flight department development and flying all over the world. We use this experience to acquire, operate and manage your private jet in the safest and most economical manner, so that when you do fly you have the best pilots and when you don't fly you don't pay your pilots to sit at home. Don't have a jet yet? Not to worry. We can take you through the entire process. From the day you decide you want to skip the lines and travel on your time, to the day that you move into your next time machine, we do it all. We have years of ACTUAL experience in every facet of private aviation and have the expertise to bring you the most COST EFFECTIVE travel with the SAFEST PILOTS for your jet.  We also offer training and tools for owner pilots to enhance piloting skills to carry their friends and family confidently.